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Upcoming Events- All are Welcome

Upcoming Events- All are Welcome
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~ Book Release ~

~ Book Release ~
Mendicant of the Hidden, Votary of the Sepulcher. A newly released work of dark poetry inspired by the Masters of the Macabre, Gothic Horror, Ancient Myth/Folklore and containing recent thanatological photography. Now available at Red Emma's, Minas Gallery, Read Street Books, Normals Books and Records,Baltimore Chop, Amazon,, and

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Till Death do us part...?

To Ogdred Weary

With this ring, I do thee wed
O, how I shall rejoice when thou art dead
Why I may even caper, gambol, or dance
Now, how do like your tea,
with arsenic, two lumps, and cream?
Why not go out for a stroll, go on go,
I’ll meet you presently beneath the wheels of my auto

With my body, I do thee worship,
If not a stumble, why not a slip
Down, down the winding stairs,
Why I haven’t care if you are interred alive
In a mausoleum, sepulcher, or crypt besides?

While it be not my intention to engender suspicion,
Might I at least explain my odd manner and diction?

I may account for that dagger in my armoire drawer on Tuesday last,
As for the pistol in the marmalade, there has been a rash
of rabid, wily shrews
infesting the surrounding glade and mews

A noose?
Preposterous, it is a bell pull plain to see,
Now won’t you slip your head in and give it a ring?

That West Indies adder on the pantry floor,
was an escaped zoological specimen from Kuala Lumpur.

And with all my worldly goods I thee endow,
Yet to flee under the cover of night, my beloved bride to be, this I shan’t allow!

My darling, sweetest, dearest treasure true
Must we begin our courtship anew?

What of the chocolates, flowers, walks and choice wines?
Or am I to infer as you run, raving down the lane,
That you most respectfully decline