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Upcoming Events- All are Welcome

Upcoming Events- All are Welcome
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~ Book Release ~

~ Book Release ~
Mendicant of the Hidden, Votary of the Sepulcher. A newly released work of dark poetry inspired by the Masters of the Macabre, Gothic Horror, Ancient Myth/Folklore and containing recent thanatological photography. Now available at Red Emma's, Minas Gallery, Read Street Books, Normals Books and Records,Baltimore Chop, Amazon,, and

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Pride comes before the Fall, Avenge, Avenge

Pride before the Fall- Avenge, Avenge
I Medea, recite this incantation,

This retribution, for my love,
my betrayer,
my Jason.

Vile, loathsome serpent farewell,
farewell my enemy.
May his winged minions hasten you to the grave.

Save your deceit and lies, and have this bejeweled robe for thy adulterous bride.
Raiment as fair, as my curse,
to burn and tear her fine skin less none but lepers will with she converse.

Well I know that for this sin,
awaits Hades fire dark and dim,
burning tomb and stench of mire--

Fall with I, proud handsome sire!

It is said that Hell hath no fury like the woman scorned,
and so it shall be written for an eternity more,
Hell hath no fury as my vengeance,
upon our first born.

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